Pahk my cah

13 08 2014

Tonight I stitch Harvard Square. My fav.



Just like cross town traffic

5 08 2014

Loving my giant map quilt. It’s like a mega Sashiko.


Boston Common

15 07 2014

Tonight’s stitching: Boston Common


July 4th

3 07 2014

In honor of Independence Day fireworks on tv, tonight I stitched the Mass Ave bridge.


Off the grid

3 10 2012

Last night I took a class at the Cambridge Quilt Shop on free motion quilting.

20121003-152348.jpgI finally took my sewing machine off the grid and let her loose, with zig-zaggy patterns and trying to draw with thread. I’ve tried this on my own and always made a knotty thread disaster that requires the jaws of life to remove from my sewing machine. I was finally getting the swing of it by the end of the 2 hours.

It’s harder than it looks, practice makes perfect.


In action

31 07 2012

Here’s my quilt with some better lighting. Perfect for summer sleeping.




Sunday sandwich

22 07 2012

Today I cleared the furniture out of the dining room taped down my quilt back and pinned it all together.

This thing is so big that it it stretched the full width of the dining room.


Here’s the backing being taped down (with my little helper)


Quilt pinned!