Busy Bee

30 04 2012

Saturday was a busy, crafty day.

First up, sewing class where i finished a shirt!  pics of me wearing it coming soon.  It was pretty intense to sew a full shirt with neat seams and edge stitching.  it ended up being a tent on me (at least a size too big) so there was some stressful last minute resewing and resizing, ripping out a zipper and doing it all again.  Next time i’ll size down.  my measurements must have been off somehow.


Sewing class followed by drunken painting.  A good time was had by all.  Please enjoy this photo of me in a smock followed by a pic of the table (well into the wine portion of the evening).




Sewing school

22 04 2012

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon taking a class at Gather Here.

I’m halfway to sewing a shirt for myself. Bodice complete, sleeves attached.


A little color

12 04 2012

I just added a little color to my iPhone cover.


Working hard

12 04 2012

Dante is really getting a lot of work done today.


This weeks progress

5 04 2012

Almost finished with my second pinup.


Mowing the lawn

2 04 2012

I can’t tell you how happy giving the grass a haircut makes me.

Spring fever in effect.