28 02 2012

Tonight I’ve cleared the dining room to assemble my quilt top. It’s gigantic & unwieldy & awesome.



Mixed media

25 02 2012

My quilt top panel with an embroidered signet.

I really can’t get enough of the awesomeness of all the mixed linens. I can’t wait to see it all pieced together. It’s HUGE – queen+ sized.



Round house

24 02 2012

I’m so happy someone (not me)  is finally renovating the round house in Somerville.

I lived a few doors down once, and the place was in a bad, bad way.


My John Hancock

23 02 2012

Tonight I’m signing my quilt in stitchy goodness.


Freshly pressed linen

18 02 2012

On deck are the final pieces of my quilt top. Yards & yards of pressed linen waiting to be zipped together.

I can’t wait to see it finished.



Home improvement

14 02 2012

I haven’t been crafting much this week since we’ve been busy around the house. We live in a 140 year old house that constantly needs something fixed. It’s endless.

This week we tackled the entry mat. The house has an inset in the wood flooring. It had a grungy black walk off mat in there. It was probably as old as me.


We pulled out the mat, laid down some tile backer board & installed a slate mosaic tile.


After all the curing & grout setting time here is the finished product. 1000% improvement.


Tonight we drain & flush our hot water heater. The glamour never ends!!


Pin up

8 02 2012

Finished my pin up yesterday.


I purchased the pattern at Sublime Stitching and it’s based on this pinup called Ankles Aweigh, 1939 by Gil Elvgren.  It’s interesting to see the original because I hadn’t Googled it until after finishing up my own piece.  In hindsight, i probably would have changed colors to match the art if i had checked it out first.

Ankles Aweigh 1939 by Gil Elvgren