27 11 2012

I totally won something awesome!
Check out my haul from Gather Here today.

The stocking & quilt pattern are winnings and the scissors & Valdani are a little giftie for me.



Busy day

24 11 2012

3 posts in one day may be a record of mine.

Here’s my monogrammed iPhone 5 case.

I ordered this case directly from China for $2.50 and embroidered a honeycomb chevron pattern & monogram. Cheap-o awesomeness.


My new sweethearts

24 11 2012

I hope that the Tannery is a small business because I just supported the hell out of that place.


Chevron hexagons

24 11 2012

New iPhone case needlework in progress.


Techno rainbow

21 11 2012

I got a new toy.

I tricked it out with some old school blueprint background & rainbow apps. Perforated cover en route from the Far East ready to be my newest embroidery project.

I love a blank canvas, oh the possibilities.


Type Threads

13 11 2012

Type Threads.

Yes. this.   SO MUCH.


Week 45

6 11 2012
Week 45 by kspeak
Week 45, a photo by kspeak on Flickr.

my week, so far.