28 10 2011

Yay for hand knit season!

Today I’m sporting my sockhead hat.  I know it’s an unpopular decision, but i love cold weather and layering up in my winter duds.




16 10 2011

This is one of my first sewing projects. This project would be better if it were twice the size.

I busted it out yesterday because it’s getting cold outside.



Branching out

14 10 2011

I’m finding the embroidery very zen. Stitching is my happy place.


On deck

13 10 2011

Even though my UFO’s are piling up, it couldn’t stop me from ordering up this cutie pie embroidered necklace kit from the merriweather council

I so love the necklace I bought at the bizarre bazaar that I wanted to stitch one of my own.

Yay for making stuff!



11 10 2011

Unwinding after a long day.



tea towel time

11 10 2011

I bought this super cute red work embroidery tea towel kit on etsy last week. It’s slated to be my mother-in-law’s Christmas present. I am sure she will love this as she’s all about the old-timey crafts that her mother used to do back in the day.

I typically craft for others very sparingly as it totally breaks my heart when a gift isn’t received well, but I know that this will go over like gang busters.

Enjoy these pretty pictures, I can’t wait to get working on this.



Lovely linen

8 10 2011

I’m sure your Saturday night plans couldn’t be as exciting as ironing a pile of lovely Japanese linen.

I’m looking forward to slicing & dicing it into many many rectangles.