Blueprint pillow

14 10 2012

Giant blueprint pillow on my favorite leather chair.




12 10 2012

Tonight I transferred a drawing to fabric and used my sewing machine to freehand stitch it. It’s kind of a mess but I love it.

Ionic column blueprint.


Off the grid

3 10 2012

Last night I took a class at the Cambridge Quilt Shop on free motion quilting.

20121003-152348.jpgI finally took my sewing machine off the grid and let her loose, with zig-zaggy patterns and trying to draw with thread. I’ve tried this on my own and always made a knotty thread disaster that requires the jaws of life to remove from my sewing machine. I was finally getting the swing of it by the end of the 2 hours.

It’s harder than it looks, practice makes perfect.



2 10 2012

this pretty much sums up my entire career. too funny.