26 02 2013

Today at work, I accidentally printed elevations on Mylar. If you’re unfamiliar Mylar is a chalky filmy translucent plastic paper.

The colors look really soft and out of focus on the film and so I decided to chop it up and inset it into the window panes at my desk. The morning light coming through makes my desk colorful like stained glass.


Not for nothing, but taking pictures of a window on an iPhone is really hard.


Teeny Exes.

21 02 2013

My last iPhone cover shattered, I guess that’s what $3 gets you. My new project is a mod initial. Teeny tiny exes.



4 02 2013

This weekend I spent some quality time channeling my inner old lady and took a class in ‘cathedral window’ quilting.


First I sifted through my large pile of remnants, I had more purple fabrics than any other color so away I cut, purple windows on a light neutral background.


the construction of the blocks was cool, and kind of counter-intuitive.

The neutrals are all machine sewn and the windows are hand stitched.


At one point, I had a giant fabric origami…


sewing in the windows reminds me of my sashiko project from a while back


All in all a lovely (albeit time consuming) project.

Birthday bling

1 02 2013

The birthday present I bought myself came today!

Yay for my new cinderblock necklace.