In action

31 07 2012

Here’s my quilt with some better lighting. Perfect for summer sleeping.





Color theory

25 07 2012

Quilting complete! All that’s left is to make some binding and sew it shut.

The tufted tweets fabric was such a strong color palette my concept was to really tone it down with the neutral oatmeal linen. I wasn’t particular about matching the neutral and the different fabrics help bring a rich texture I hadn’t expected. Happy accident.

I can’t wait to get it I the sunlight & take some good pictures.




My favorite day of the week is…

23 07 2012

Shoesday, obviously.

My new blue Frye strappies. Behold their glory.  Half price and the last pair in my size makes them so much sweeter.  Yay!


ETA:  I’ve just been informed by my husband that Shoesday is his least  favorite day of the week (and coincidentally the most spendy).   =)


22 07 2012

Tonight I spent some quality time wrestling linen. I successfully quilted (half done) the middle without any problems fitting the fabric through my machine. I underestimated my little Janome

I’m sure to be sore tomorrow and I broke a needle so hard I had to remove the shards with pliers. Bad ass.



Sunday sandwich

22 07 2012

Today I cleared the furniture out of the dining room taped down my quilt back and pinned it all together.

This thing is so big that it it stretched the full width of the dining room.


Here’s the backing being taped down (with my little helper)


Quilt pinned!

Rainbow of awesome

3 07 2012

Quilt top & bottom complete. Here’s a pic in progress. It’s ginormous.

Next steps
1. Making mountains of bias tape
2. Pinning the bejesus out of my quilt sandwich.
3. Wrestling this monster with my sewing machine.