Shark Army

23 10 2013

Tonight I assembled a mountain of shark party favors. I’m sure I’ll regret those noisemakers on Saturday.





12 10 2013

Yesterday I put together my new SUPER AWESOME sewing table. I’m so happy to not be sewing at the dining room table & that everything has it’s place.

All buttoned up


Opened up.
fabric + patterns to the right
Janome in the middle
Cubbies (cubbies!!) to the left


I love having little dishes for all my trinkets. Spot the Gutermann thread, rotary cutter, cupcake pincushion, ribbon, zippers and 101 other teeny things




Since someone asked, here’s the link to where I purchased my table.

While I was window shopping it , it had a price reduction $20 and I got free shipping.  I actually did a lot of research for something that would fit in my smallish space and tuck everything away nicely and have a large table so that I could drape a quilt over it, I was expecting it to cost a lot more than it actually did & was pleasantly surprised.