12 09 2011

for fun, here’s a list of the contents in my knitting bag.  try to see if you can spot all the items.

apparently, I’m a hoarder.

  1. sharpie
  2. set of crochet hooks
  3. stitch counter on ribbon
  4. hungry mother (the restaurant) button
  5. eucalan (2 packets)
  6. stitch holders (5)
  7. cable needle
  8. sewing thread
  9. sticky notes
  10. tape measure
  11. vintage aluminum needle gauge
  12. stitch markers (many & various)
  13. binder clips
  14. bobby pins
  15. ribbon rolled into a ball
  16. cupcake key chain
  17. watermelon socks (half assedly unfinished)
  18. magnetic pattern marker
  19. my glasses
  20. small moleskine
  21. glass mushroom key chain – maybe the most random of the group
  22. alice in wonderland gift tags
  23. scissors
  24. intarsia bobbins
  25. seed beads
  26. orange buttons
  27. kitting patterns – 6



One response

23 09 2011
Ana Alves Roçadas

I’m fearful of turning my bag upside down and seeing what’s inside. However, I do know I have three measuring tapes in there, but of course, can never find any when I need one.

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